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Health Education

A Brief Thought On Our Cultural Connections to Food

Each and every one of us grows up within a unique culture. Though we may live in the same country or even the same city, our families, the values that are instilled in us, and more are different for each and every one of us. And the culture you grow up in can greatly affect the food you eat and your relationship with food.



March 6, 2017

“Culture” is something people grow up with, recognize as comforting, hold dear, want to share and definitely don’t want to give up. We know that holding on to their heritage is especially important to seniors. As the “nutrition experts” it’s crucial that we are well trained in different cultures, customs and ethnicity trends.

Everything having to do with food – cultivation, preparation, and consumption is not only unique but also very important to each culture. Foods, cooking, and eating are traditions that have been handed down and need to be respected.

Dietitians At Home registered dietitians recognize the value of being educated on ethnic foods, styles of preparations, and physical activity trends of different cultures. We cannot go into a person’s home and expect to treat them by turning their world upside down with all new foods and styles of preparations. We approach each patient as an individual, learn about their lifestyle, respect their culture, and create goals with the patient that they can achieve to better manage their diabetes or kidney disease.

We do everything we can to provide the best Medical Nutrition Therapy to your patients. Thank you for referring your patients to us!


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